Friday, August 11, 2006

New Schulz Collection


I said there was going to be a book of teenage cartoons by Schulz, and I described it as cartoons that Mr. Schulz drew when he was a teeneager. That was WRONG and the tireless Nat Gertler pointed out to me the error of my ways (see below).

Here's Nat, setting the record straight:



Thanks for posting a message on your blog about Schulz's Youth.
However, you seem to have gotten the wrong end of the stick about it; I may not have been clear.

It's not a collection of cartoons that Schulz drew as a teenager. It's a
collection of cartoons he drew -about- teenagers.

The attached cartoon is an example.



Thanks Nat! And thanks for the graphic! And thanks for!

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Bill Alger said...

Cartoons that Schulz drew as a teeneager or cartoons he drew about teenagers- as long as it's by Schulz , I'll buy it!