Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Biggest Fan

Fellow cartoonist and blogger and all around grand fellow Mark Anderson has posted photos of his workspace. Any good idea deserves to be completely ripped off, so I grabbed the camera to take some documentary photos of the board I draw on. (I don't have a whole studio since space is precious in NYC.) It had some finished drawings and my sketchbook on it -- and --


Look at that. Well, well. Rufus is apparently my biggest fan. And he is making the point that my wonderful cartoons are not only funny to behold, but they make a fine pillow as well!

This is our living room table. To the right are part of my wife's metric ton of music CDs, haphazardly arranged into classical music and traditional Irish music piles.

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Mark Anderson said...


My cats know better than to sit on my cartoons. Let just say there was some... unpleasantness...