Wednesday, August 23, 2006


TALKING TO AMERICANS a comedy special written and hosted by Rick Mercer, appeared on the CBC in the spring of 2001. It made fun of Americans and their perception of Canada. We were on vacation in Canada at the time and we laughed and laughed at it. It's relatively unknown here, but it's rather legendary in Canada.

Mercer persuaded Americans to congratulate their "neighbors to the south" on preservation of their National Capitol: a giant igloo.

After informing some gullible American tourists that a Canadian company owned the mining rights to Mount Rushmore, he asked if the company should drill into the heads from behind, even though it's more expensive.

He asked Americans to congratulate all of Canada on its just recently acquiring indoor plumbing technology.

Yes, it's mean. But it only exposes the ill-informed. Watch the George W. Bush clip ....

There are some clips here to whet your appetite. The Boing Boing Blog has links to the entire program.

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