Friday, August 18, 2006

How to Get to THIS INKING LIFE via the LIRR

(Above: the welcome sign you see as you emerge from the station. The street North Station Plaza is just behind it.)

The Sunday reception for THIS INKING LIFE, which runs from 4-6:30pm at the Great Neck Arts Center, is free. Dress is casual. By that, I mean socks and shoes are needed, but no ties or cocktail dresses. Long Island Railroad trains leave every half hour from Penn Station. The train ride is about 35 minutes. Schedule here.

The best train is probably the one that departs Penn at 3:15, arriving at Great neck at 3:49.

When you walk out of the train, take the stairs (or the elevator) to street level. You will walk to the station building.

Just on the other side of the station is North Station Plaza (also called North Station Place on some maps -- go figure).

(Above: North Station Plaza is well marked. If you see a blue convenience store in front of you, turn around and head the other way.)

Turn left and walk to Middleneck Road.

(Above: the intersection of North Station and Middleneck as seen from the station.)

Turn right. Walk 2 blocks (you'll pass a number of stores, including a vintage pster gallery and a Starbucks) to Maple Drive.

(Above: the intersection of Maple and Middleneck. You'll cross the street toward a realistic mural of children on the side of the building. It's just above the mail box in this shot. Walk on, past the painted children.)

Crossing the street, turn right, and walk down the Maple. You will see a parking lot and a sign that says Arts Center.

Turn left into the parking lot. Keep walking, with the building your left hand side, and the parking lot on the right, and walk stright and you will see the Great Neck Arts Center on the left, in a corner, past a tiny little swath of shrubbery and trees in front. This whole walk is about a 1/5th of a mile and is safe and pleasant.

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