Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mike Lynch Cartoon in Prospect Magazine (UK)

OK, so I shopped this one around for a while and no one wanted it.

But the British magazine Prospect picked it up.

I liked drawing the angry artists. And I think it's even better after a splash of color:

The editor usually wants cartoons in color, and, like my mother-in-law says, Color cartoons are funnier.

Well, I don't know about that. But this one with it's NYC "arteests" selling their work on the street needed some color and it sure helps. One problem with the cartoon: It is too tight, too small. I think it's hard to tell that those other artists are angry at the biz man artist. Maybe that's why all the US business magazines passed on it. And maybe because one rarely sees artists selling their work in a NYC park any more.


Mark Anderson said...

I love the joke, and the texture on the ground!

Brian Fies said...

Mike, welcome to Blogger, where it's easier for me to comment (I know you changed just to make me happy). I've been pretty satisfied with them since I started my blog a year or so ago.

I think color does more for this gag than you suggested. I like how it emphasizes the sameness of the two artistes wiggly lines and scribbles, while the bright, angular cyan and red graphs really draw the eye and sell the gag. I confess that on first glance at the black-and-white I didn't immediately catch those details...I had to scrutinize Graph Guy's pictures to understand exactly what he was selling and overlooked the artiste's work entirely. Color brings it home. I think this is a good example of color working not just as decoration, but really supporting your idea. Congratulations on the sale.

Mike Lynch said...

Thanks Mark and Brian for all the kind words.

Brian, I had never thought of all that! Wow!

Royston Robertson said...

Mike, I'm always pleased with a Prospect sale (I'm in this issue too!) because the cartoon has usually been turned down by several others and Prospect ask for it in colour, so it gives the cartoon a new lease of life! That's certainly happened here as the colour version does make the joke clearer and more immediate.

Oh yeah, and welcome to Blogger! It's easier for me to comment too!