Sunday, February 11, 2007


"Rocket's Blast Comics Collector" magazine ran an amateur comic book story in 1972 called MASSACRE OF THE INNOCENTS. I remember that time. There was going to never, ever be a team-up between any DC character and Marvel character. It was not going to happen, despite the fans wanting to see a Superman/Spider-man team up. The management just wasn't going to get it together. (Of course, a couple years later, there were a series of crossover DC/Marvel "events.")

But, back then, in those dark days, a young cartoonist named Brad Caslor thought up a story, and drew it for the RBCC, a comic/SciFi mag of the time.

That story marked cartoonist Fred Hembeck for life. This week, Fred shares with us the impact of the story, as well as scans of MASSACRE OF THE INNOCENTS from those old RBCCs.

Thanks for sharing this Fred!

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