Monday, February 05, 2007

Will Eisner Documentary

Will Eisner lives. And here are some links ...

Not only can you go to the comic book store and buy all-new adventures of THE SPIRIT as reimagined by Darwyn Cooke, there is a forthcoming documentary about the original creator of THE SPIRIT, Will Eisner, titled WILL EISNER: THE SPIRIT OF AN ARTISTIC PIONEER. Click the link to see a preview of the film.

Hat tip to Dirk Deppey, and Alex at Rocketship for getting me into Cooke's work in the first place.

Graphic taken from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's site.

Hey, I just noticed: that Montilla Pictures Web site has a "thanks to Randolph Hoppe" note at the bottom of the page. He's the guy behind the Kirby Museum too. It's a small cartoony world.

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