Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fan Mail

Hoo boy, there's nothing more fun than getting real fan mail from people who love cartoons! Especially Mike Lynch Cartoons!

Here's one that I just received:

Love your cartoons.

Let me interrupt. Wow. Isn't that great? Not "like," it's "I LOVE your cartoons." That's terrific. You know, they say that for every person that writes there are a couple of hundred who don't. So, HUNDREDS of people LOVE LOVE LOVE my cartoons. OK, let's continue on with the letter. I'll try not to interrupt. Please excuse me. I was just so excited.

I'm trying to find the one in the November 2006 issue of the Readers Digest magazine The women are going into the Red Hat Building and the chicken is following. Do you have that? Can you send me a copy of it?

Huh? Uh, er, I don't have a cartoon in the November 2006 issue of the Reader's Digest magazine. Wait a minute. (Looks through recycling bin.) That cartoon was drawn by Dan Reynolds. OK, great!!!!!!! Just great. So I got some fan mail, but it wasn't actually, really, truly for me. Crappity crap crap.

Oh well.

OK, let's move on and shove this dreadful embarrassing, experience behind us. I'm sorry. Cartooning is not a pretty business. Fortunately, I just received this nice email from a cartoonist in Europe:

... Congrats on your Playboy feature. Read about it on Andertoons.

So, even when I get some real fan mail to ME, it's because they read about it some other cartoonist's blog!!!!!!!! Arrgh!!!! That darn Mark Anderson and his Andertoons!

Well, OK. Too bad he hasn't worked his way up to more sophisticated blogs like the ol' Mike Lynch Cartoons blog. 4 out 5 doctors agree that the MLC blog is smoother, milder than the ol' Andertoons blog.

Here's another one from a cartoonist friend of mine commenting on the state of the industry:

... the competition is mighty fierce, especially if YOU are [competing], you bugger ....

Whaaaaaaat? My own colleagues turning on me?!?! Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!!! And talented!!!

Well, I'm sorry that this entry, which was going to be full of so much ego-fulfilling fun for me, just got ruined by these darn fans and other cartoonists and so on. I now have to call my Dan and Mark and ask if maybe they got my fan mail by mistake. If they'll take my calls.


Mark Anderson said...

But nothing gets your vitamin Q revving quite like Andertoons!

Mark Anderson said...

I'm sorry... Mike who...?