Sunday, February 11, 2007

All Things Doomsday

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Back in this post I talked about the episode of the old STAR TREK show called THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE, and how there were two people -- tow completely different people -- that were working on new effects to be inserted in the 1967 episode; one set of effects by a fan, another by the Official Trek Franchise, CBS/Paramount.

Here's a link to Daren Dochterman's "amateur" DOOMSDAY MACHINE efx enhancement. (I put amateur in the quotes since Daren does work in the film biz; not as a SFX artist, but as an illustrator. The idea -- to add new special affects to an old episode of TREK -- was his long before CBS/Paramount started doing it.)

And here are clips of the new effects from CBS/Paramount.

And video of DOOMSDAY writer Norman Spinrad commenting on everything is here and a bit more here.

Again, a huge hat tip to for supplying all the news.

Postscript: Just heard that iTunes is no longer offering STAR TREK or ENTERPRISE episodes for download. They're just gone, vanished. All I know is what I read here. H/t to Mark Anderson!

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