Friday, February 09, 2007

Joe Edwards 1921-2007

Joe Edwards, who drew ARCHIE and LI'L JINX, passed away. He will be deeply missed by his friends and family.

Joe received his artistic education at Rome Academy and Hastings Animation School. In the 1930s he worked in animation, for Demby Studios. After that, he drew funny animal comic books for Dell and Timely, winding up at Archie Comics in 1942, along with Bob Montana and Dan DeCarlo. He remained at Archie Comics for over forty years.

He was there, as he says, at the beginning -- when Bob Montana created Archie, Jughead and the Riverdale gang. And it was his hand that drew every page of Li'l Jinx, a character he created.

Joe was a regular to our Berndt Toast Gang meetings and was known for cracking jokes and speaking his mind. It's hard for me to believe that he is gone.

He is survived by Eda, his wife of 63 years, their 2 sons, a daughter, and 2 granddaughters, and 3 great- grandchildren.

Services: 11AM Sunday, February 11, 2007 at the New Montefiore Cemetary, 1180 Wellwood Avenue, West Babylon, NY 11704.

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Sara said...

I am Joe's cousin. He came from a generation of exceptional spirit. He and my father were first cousins. I guess that makes me a first cousin, once removed? I only met Joe and Eda once as we lived 3,000 miles apart. I looked forward to receiving Joe and Eda’s annual holiday cartoon. I am so glad I have kept them over the years. Joe was very inspirational to my son, David, when he had a school project. David grew up writing his own comic books, creating imaginary characters and stories. I wonder if one's artistic ability could be hereditary? There are many humorous experiences which he shared with me and incorporated into the character of Li’l Jinx. I will sorely miss our meaningful conversations.