Monday, February 26, 2007

Lee Salem Interviewed by "Mr. Media"

Bob "Mr. Media" Andelman interviews Universal Press Syndicate President Lee Salem at his site here.

You got your choice: a transcript of the interview is there, as well as a streaming audio file, a podcast, etc. An amazing line-up of all of the strips that have been started under Mr. Salem's tenure.

"... I think [cartoonists submitting their work] rely too much on fancy packaging and less on writing and art in the original material, and that’s the one thing I would encourage people interested in the art form, is to spend time on the writing, spend time on the art work, and then don’t worry about the quality of the package. Assume that the editors are going to do their job and read the material."

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Moderator said...

I always send used envelopes, those big brown sloppy envelopes, all wrinkled and creased! But the most succes I have with submitting my work to editors when it's packed in the famous blue envelope I got from the tax-administration.