Wednesday, February 07, 2007

STAR TREK: The Doomsday Machines

This weekend, in most US television markets, local channels will play an episode of STAR TREK REMASTERED called "The Doomsday Machine." The show, about a giant machine that eats planets and guest star William Windom playing a mad Ahab-like captain, is a favorite among a lot of fans. And the CBS/Paramount REMASTERED digital effects people are souping up the space battle scenes of the Enterprise, the Constellation and the Planet Killer big time. has the story and a video preview.

But that's not the only Doomsday Machine.

Over at his site, Daren Dochterman is rushing to finish his version; again, Dochterman's ENHANCED, like CBS/Paramount's REMASTERED, is the same old 1960s TV show -- but with new effects. And he plans to have it online before the end of the day Friday. A preview of Daren's work is here.

Above: the CBS/Paramount version of the wrecked USS Constellation.

More of the Doomsday Machine coverage on this blog here.


Brian Fies said...

Great stuff, Mike! I'll try to catch it this weekend. Thanks for the pointers and everything else.

Mark Anderson said...

You know, lately I've been DVRing the old episodes off of TV Land and getting to know them again.

Honestly, it's been sooooooo long I almost don't remember a lot of them anymore.

And as much as I've pooh-poohed this new effects thingy, I gotta say I'm becoming more and more interested in it now.

Darn you Lynch! My brain only has so much space!