Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Avast, there, me hardies!

Just got an email from a talented cartoonist who wanted to know if there was an RSS feed for the Mike Lynch Cartoons blog. I wrote back:

There's a link at the bottom of http://mikelynchcartoons.blogspot.com/ that reads: Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)

And, by clicking that, you SHOULD be able to get an RSS feed. I put SHOULD in capitals to denote the fact that I've never used that link myself and don't know for sure if it works. Another option: Firefox browsers have an RSS graphic at the top of the browser, just to the right of the URL. Clicking on that SHOULD (yes, again with all caps) do the trick -- if you use Firefox.

Arrr! While I don't know much about RSS yet, let me remind you Robert Louis Stevenson fans out there -- and you know who you are -- that scientists are working around the clock to perfect the new cool, new RLS feed!

Ha ha ha!

(I know. A wretched joke. I should walk the plank, etc. And I wonder why I don't get as much traffic as I did in 2006!)


Mark Anderson said...

That same thing works in Safari too. FYI.

Now me be back to burying my sevret treasure... Arrr...

Gregory Kogan said...

Thanks Mike. What I ended up doing is going to Bookmarks > Subscribe to this page... (in Firefox). It works.

Gregory Kogan said...

Thanks Mike. I ended up using the built-in feature in Firefox, by going to Bookmakrs > Subscribe to This Page...