Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Captain Marvel by Jeff Smith

Coming out today, at your local comics shop, is a new Captain Marvel series "SHAZAM! THE MONSTER SOCIETY OF EVIL" by Jeff Smith. Some gorgeous work and interview here. Even if you're not into the whole superhero thing, take a peek at some of the beautiful work that Mr. Smith is doing. No wonder he's got a huge fan following for his "Bone" series that was at first an indy press comic book -- and now is seen in the Walt Disney magazine. More about BONE and SHAZAM at Mr. Smith's site/blog.

Hat tip Tom Spurgeon's Comics Reporter.


Mark Anderson said...

I just picked that up yesterday based on your recommendation and it is just gorgeous work.


Rob Tornoe said...

I completely forgot about this. He had some of his original art with him when he came and talked to the school, so it'll be cool to see it printed.