Friday, February 02, 2007

How to Draw Comics the New Yorker Way

The February 2007 issue of Mad Magazine has a parody titled HOW TO DRAW COMICS THE NEW YORKER WAY, which has some cartoons (not pictured) apparently drawn by NYer and Playboy cartoonist Glen Le Lievre

I don't know if Glen wrote the parody review (there is a mass credit of 11 names at the end of a series of parodies titled The Fundalini Pages, but -- MADdeningly -- no individual credits), but as a fellow gag cartoonist, he certainly has the credentials. Look for the ... uh ... racy painting by Mark Fredrickson of Britney and Alfred on the cover!

Mad's Web site is here, but don't expect to see content that is on the stands.

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Mark Anderson said...

Oh my, I gotta get this one! Thanks for the heads up!