Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cartoonists Getting Rich!

"How Comics Cartoons Make Fortunes" is the title of a Modern Mechanix article from 1933. You'll find out that Robert Ripley makes $7,000 a week -- "Believe it or Not!" This is all dreadfully depressing. Even with the couple of generations' worth of inflation, this is nice money. no -- not NICE -- OUTSTANDING MONEY.

Hey, was this all before income tax?! No, don't tell me. If it was, it would even be more depressing.

Posted at the Modern Mechanix blog site; "Yesterday's Tomorrow, Today."

I think I saw this last year and why I didn't post to it them I don't know. Probably too depressing. Have I said that enough?

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Dave James said...

Mike, you are NOT making $3000 a week cartooning? Sheesh, get with it man. The rest of us are rolling in dough.

Well, got to get back to the party. Mr. Trump insists that I entertain his daughter with cartoons.


; )