Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Gag Cartoonist's Business Plan

The Gag Cartoonist's Business Plan written by my cartoonist pal Mark Anderson, offers serious, hands-on advice for the beginner cartoonist.

I always find it hard to read a lot of those lofty sorta "you can be anything you believe in as long as you believe in it with all your heart and soul." And comments like "find what you do and the money will follow" always sparked a dubious Spock-like raising of the Lynchian eyebrow. I got rent to pay, and my landlord ain't the kinda guy that I can just tell him I'm finding myself and don't have the money this month, etc.

So, if you haven't read it, go over to the Andertoons blog. He's selling some good common sense there. If you all ready read it, then howzabout coming up with 5-10 gag cartoons today? That's what I'm doing.

And thanks, Mark, for sharing your insights.


Mark Anderson said...

Awwww... Shucks... (Insert French Charles Nelson
Reilly laugh here)

Brian Fies said...

Man, I'm with you Mike, I hate that "follow your bliss and the money will follow" stuff. No! Not everybody gets to grow up and be astronauts or ballerinas or even professional cartoonists. Being an adult means taking care of your obligations and responsibilities, and sometimes that means putting dreams on hold or finding sneakier ways to achieve them. In that light, I appreciate hard-headed, useful, practical advice much more than techniques for uncovering my creative spirit. Mark's got some good stuff there.