Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cartoonist Dave Brown Interview

What is it like being a cartoonist? The Independent's Dave Brown writes about his life and work here.

"How long does a cartoon take? How long is a piece of string? You could have an idea within half an hour and have the rest of the day to draw it. Then, if you want to paint an elaborate watercolour background, you have plenty of time. Alternatively, you can spend five hours banging your head against the drawing board with nothing coming, and end up with an hour or so to draw it. Sometimes I have an idea and start work, then halfway through the day a better idea strikes me, so I rip it up and start again."

Hat tip to Royston Robertson who first saw it via Simon Ellinas!

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Royston Robertson said...

It was only after I re-Tweeted it that I noticed it was old interview from last year! I assumed it was a tie-in with Dave's new Rogues' Gallery exhibition. You can read about that here: