Monday, June 08, 2009

Detroit Free Press: Directionless kid from Livonia now a leading animator

I liked this profile of animator Keith Sintay by Suzette Hackney in today's Detroit Free Press:
"Keith Sintay was an unmotivated Central Michigan University student living in the dormitory, doing little more than attending classes -- and parties -- when a T-shirt changed his life.

"Well, it was actually a mascot drawing that was to appear on a T-shirt representing his dorm that changed his life.

"'It was poorly done and I asked if I could redo it,' said Sintay, a Livonia native.

The rest is here.

Keith's five tips from a pro to help you:

• Draw, draw, draw.

• Take art, animation and computer courses. Education and training are necessary to become successful.

• Pursue internships and find mentors along the way.

• Focus on a solid portfolio. Less is more -- don't overload the portfolio. Instead, pick the best 5-10 drawings and computer-generated images, and a couple minutes of animation.

• Make sure you love doing it because the craft requires long hours, self-motivation, patience and hard work.

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