Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cats outsmarted in psychologist's test

Cats outsmarted in psychologist's test; Strings experiment shows limits of feline intelligence by James Meikle in yesterday's Guardian.
"It will cause outrage among some cat owners, but research suggests the pets are not as clever as some humans assumed – or at least they think in a way we have yet to fathom."
The whole article is here.

Above: He doesn't work, he doesn't have any goals, he sits around the house all day long; he's Rufus, and we love him!


Brian Fies said...

I interpret this result as the cats just messing with the psychologists. They probably had a good laugh about it back at the kibble bowl. "OK, Fluffy, next time you pick the wrong string every single time! It'll drive 'em crazy!"

Anonymous said...

Look at that cat! Those feet! That belly!

Jeff P.