Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gavin and Stacey ... and Nessa & Bryn & Sir Tom Jones

One of my favorite shows is the BBC TV series GAVIN AND STACEY, about 2 twenty-somethings who meet and fall in love. It's sweet, but grounded in real-people behavior. And the first series is out on DVD now. In the clip below, they are finally meeting in person after months of talking on the phone. They are nervous and have both brought their mates, Smithy and Nessa, to the first meeting.

And we all know a guy like Smithy.

A couple of the supporting characters, Nessa and Bryn (along with Sir Tom Jones and Robin Gibb), did a fun video for Comic Relief: Barry Islands in the Stream.

The series is worth a look. It's available on iTunes.

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