Thursday, June 04, 2009

Great Comics: Roger Langridge's MUPPET SHOW Comic Book

One of the best things to come along this year is Roger Langridge's THE MUPPET SHOW comic book, published by Boom! Studios. There have been three issues so far. It's amazing how he captures the tone of the series. The art, also, is just right. New York Magazine has a preview here.

This is a wonderful time for kids' comics. There the old material being reprinted (THE COMPLETE PEANUTS, most all of John Stanley's comic book output (LITTLE LULU, MELVIN THE MONSTER, the NANCY comic book -- can DUNC AND LOO be far behind?), collections of newspaper comic strips (like LIO, for instance), MAD MAGAZINE reprints, and so on) and new comics for kids (like OWLY, FRANKLIN RICHARDS, ARCHIE, the Little Lit Library and TOON Books. etc.) -- not to mention manga and Web comics.

And if you're anywhere near Chelsea, Michigan, there's next weekend's Kids Read Comics! convention.

Hat tip to Journalista!

UPDATE: Monster Mash Note: Jim Henson and Roger Langridge By Kristy Valenti (h/t to Comics Reporter)


eeTeeD said...

hi mike. i just found your great blog, and i'm sorry but this comment is going to be off topic.

in your archives i found a post dated may 08, 2008.

in it you posted a quote from your friend Dan Danglo:

"...When I worked at Terrytoons in 1942, my first friends there were Milton Stein and Jim Logan..."

i'm a huge fan of milton stein's work, as are many other people. unfortunately very little is known about the man.

i am wondering if you would contact mr. danglo, and ask him to share his memories of milton stein.

it would greatly appreciated by myself and mr. stein's many fans.

thanks for your time, and for your consideration!

Mike Lynch said...

Hi eeTeeD. Thanks for writing. You can reach Dan at his Web site here:

eeTeeD said...

ah, GREAT!

many thanks, and please keep up with your great posts!

Hypersonic said...

Back on topic. Yup i really am enjoying Roger's Muppet Show comic. Kudos to Boom Studios for getting that together.

Mike Lynch said...

Thanks, Hypersonic. It really is a great book. And Langridge's FIN FANG FOUR, a Marvel one-shot, is a lot of fun as well.