Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stephanie Piro: Bringing a Cartoon to Life

Stephanie Piro, on of my favorite cartoonists (and not just because she says nice things about my sketchbook), talks about Bringing Cartoons to Life at The Six Chix blog. I love learning about other cartoonists' processes.

"When I work… I have to practically use stick figures, and as you’ll see, these may be one step ahead.

"I have to prevent myself from drawing anything too good…because then it will intimidate me, and I will never be able to redraw it as a finished piece, because I’m too happy with the rough. Odd, I know, but we all have our quirks. And some might say 'Too good???' When I sketch I use a Bic pen or whatever is lying around and I write (and draw and everything else) on copy paper."

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