Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Video: Frank Springer Remembrance

From a YouTuber called Roadblock02, here is a salute to the one and only Frank Springer, titled "There Goes My Inspiration."

The video, which runs just under 4 minutes, showcases his newspaper illustration work (with lots of the images looking to be shots of his original art), as well as his extensive comic book and comic strip output. You'll see why Frank was considered a master.


Daryll Collins said...


Thanks for posting this tribute to Frank. What a diverse and stellar talent.

Was there any information on who did this version of "There Goes My Inspiration?" It was originally done by Utopia.

Mike Lynch said...

So far as the music, Daryll, all that I saw was "Music: The Rubinoos covering Utopia." I would bet that the YouTube poster could provide more info.

Daryll Collins said...

The Rubinoos it is!

Jon said...

Hi, I followed the link from the video back here. I'm Frank's son, Jon. I made the video while trying to figure out something to do with the (mostly baseball-related) images I'd been gathering with the help of my brothers. It's been wonderful to read about the regard his peers had for his work.

I think I prefer the Utopia version better myself!

Mike Lynch said...

Jon, thanks for posting this grand tribute to your Dad.