Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm Calling From Lynch Corp Again

Above: copyright 2009 by Nik Scott.

Australian cartoonist and pal Nik Scott ordered all of the new Mike Lynch Cartoon books and received them last week He posted the above comic on a chat board, explaining,
"I can't get Lynchcorp's Sales Division off the line. They've rung up at the most awkward times. Nice people but so intrusive."
I thank him for the above very funny cartoon. If only Lynchcorp had a presence like Nik imagines!

Looks like I'll be selling out of most of my cartoon books this week. Thanks so much for your orders! And thanks for the kind words.


Mark Anderson said...

How long until your ear wax is for sale? Can I preorder?

Barry Corbett said...

2B or not 2B. That is the question.