Saturday, April 17, 2010

An Adventure by Garrett Perkins

Above: "This is not good." A panel from "An Adventure" by Garrett Perkins.

I'm interrupting our usual Mike Lynch Cartoons blog to bring you Garrett Perkins Cartoons.

Above: the lead characters gather for the cover drawing.

Garrett, who is ten years old, and his older brother Nathan participated in my recently completed cartoon class in New Durham, NH. They both drew a lot in the class and were enthusiastic students.

What I didn't know -- and his family didn't know -- was that Garrett was secretly drawing a ten page comic book epic story. Well, OK, one family member knew: his brother (they share a room).

Above: the four protagonists.

One day, after two weeks of making time to draw and write the story, Garrett presented it to his Mom and Dad. He then brought the complete story the last cartoon class, and, when I asked him, he agreed to let me share it here, for everyone to see.

Above: Garrett Perkins draws an epic battle from the climax of his comic book.

This is all Garrett's work. He made it up, panel by panel. He used crayon for color. He had some extra time due to being laid up in bed for a short time with a mild concussion from ice skating. It took about two weeks, he told me, to write and draw and color.

Above: look at those zoom lines and puffs of smoke! A sample of one of the action-packed panels.

He had to deal with telling a good story, drawing and redrawing the same characters, and coming up with some good twists and turns in the ten page tale.

Here is "An Adventure" by Garrett Perkins.


josembielza said...

Oh boy... my own childhood passing in front of my eyes.

Guess I should have started with color at his age, now I'm too used to B/W.

Sandra said...

YAY, Garrett! You've got a cartooning career ahead of you!

richardcthompson said...

An excellent piece of work!

Jeez, I never finished anything that long when I was a kid.

Anonymous said...

that's dedication! I'm still working up to a story of that length! I love the string-y look they have when they run.

Dan Reynolds said...

Look, Mike, if you're going to keep on encouraging all these artistic kids and their competitive natures, we're all going to be out of a job.

Seriously, good job kids. You, too, Mike.

The Drawing Dragon said...

My gosh this is good! I'm a year older than Garrett was when he did this, and I really can have a hard time doing something this long and action-packed!
Garrett, you need to start working at Harvey Comics!