Monday, April 26, 2010

Video: David Horsey: Escape Into America

Engaging short video from the Seattle PI of Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist David Horsey's visit to Venice Beach where he visited the Pacific Jewish Center, a one of a kind synagogue.

This is but one of a series of "Photofilms," in conjunction with Hearst and MSNBC titled Escape Into America. Assisting Mr. Horsey are Nancy LeVine (photography and photofilm editing), Kristian Marson (sound mixing and post production) and, with original music, Roger Palmer. All performing at the top of their game.

These short pieces (3-4 minutes each) strike a casual tone with some beautiful photography and understated wit and wonder. Hard to pull of in this age. Yes, and there are some great drawings by Horsey. Take a look at the one drawing of Horsey himself, alone in a cheap motel room in the segment below. It's only onscreen a few seconds, but its layout, shadows and colors all linger.

The rest of the Escape Into America pieces so far are:

Escape Into America: The Imperative of the Road

Escape Into America: Living at the Edge

Escape Into America: The Pooch Posse of Kanab

It's not often that corporations will hand some money to someone and tell them to send in stories from the road. It's not often that such stories are so well told. These are worth rewatching and maybe passing along to someone.

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