Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jean Schulz: Buyer Beware

Here's a letter from Jean Schulz from today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Buyer beware, especially in the world of art

Sally Kalson's April 11 article ("From Peanuts to Picasso: Art Collection Is Vast, But Is It the Real Deal?") is a cautionary tale to those who may think a "deal" is too good to be true. It is!

Tony Greco says he gets few returns, but I know he has had more than a few. I know of work that has been returned to Mr. Greco because our studio was able to explain to the purchaser that it was not the work of my husband, "Peanuts" creator Charles M. Schulz.

Since my husband's death in February 2000, I have been sent innumerable images which people who are familiar with his work are questioning. In 98 percent of the cases they are not my husband's original drawings.

I see artwork on the websites of galleries and auctions, as well as individual work on eBay, that I have had to tell the sellers is not authentic. Of course they feel cheated.

So all of us who represent my husband's legacy are saying, again, as loudly as we can, "Buyer beware." Buy only with a 100 percent, good forever, guarantee of authenticity! And remember that even then a certificate of authenticity may not be worth the paper it is printed on.

Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates
Santa Rosa, Calif.

A big hat tip to my dad, Dr. Lynch, for this. Thanks, Dad!

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Joe Luzzi said...

haha i love the peanuts :) i would be furious if i bought an expensive fake >:O