Friday, April 23, 2010


Starting my day off with an October 20, 1968 POGO Sunday strip via the Whirled of Kelly blog.

A lot to admire here, as usual. Walt Kelly packs in a lot of conversation and jokes and wordplay (not to mention his gorgeous character design and inking). I always think of Watterson's description of POGO as the last of the "enjoy the ride" strips -- and this Sunday is a grand example of a wonderful ride.

A ride to where? Well, the destination's not the point, tad!

My thanks to blog creator Thom Buchanan for posting these and keeping Mr. Kelly in the blogoverse.


Thomas Haller Buchanan said...

Hey Mike--thanks for the shoutout. Having posted all of Kelly's Pogo in Pandemonia strips, and bunches of other Kelly stuff, with bunches yet to come, I am still dazzled by what Kelly accomplished in his lifetime. We're still not getting enough Kelly fans over to see little-seen work, so I appreciate any PR.

I wasn't aware of your blog, but now that I am, I plan on reading regularly and linking to it as well. Nice work! I'm a lifelong fan of the NCS.

Mike Lynch said...

Kelly is one of the cartoonists that captured me as a kid and he keeps on doing it. Your blog is a regular stop -- and -- you're right -- more should stop in and see some of that Kelly magic!