Tuesday, April 06, 2010

New Site: Marc Bilgrey

Images © Marc Bilgrey, All Rights Reserved

My friend Marc Bilgrey has a new Web site, well worth a visit.

I like Marc, so does Piers Anthony and William F. Nolan.

Marc is a multi-threat:

Marc Bilgrey is a cartoonist:
  • his gag panel cartoons have appeared The Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, and Funny Times, and more;
  • Marc has 3 cartoon books, The Sherlock Holmes Cartoon Book, The Private Eye Cartoon Book, and The Science Fiction Cartoon Book.

Marc is a prolific writer:

  • the author of two humorous fantasy novels, And Don't Forget to Rescue the Princess, and its sequel, And Don't Forget to Rescue the Other Princess (These are the ones that Mssrs. Anthony and Nolan liked. Chapters from both novels are available to read as free downloads at the links.);
  • his short stories have appeared in numerous fantasy, science fiction, and mystery anthologies, including Merlin, Crafty Cat Crimes, The Ultimate Halloween, and Slipstreams.

Marc is a gag writer:
  • Marc has written for a number of syndicated comic strips, usually uncredited, but his name is on the Rugrats comic strip, and many of the ones he wrote are in the collection, A Baby's Work Is Never Done. He's also written for the new Tales From The Crypt comic book. He began his career contributing ideas to Mad magazine, and has also written for comedians, TV, and greeting cards.

He's posting new cartoons every week at his new site. He is also posting a comic strip blog starting once a month, beginning April 12th, 2010.

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