Friday, April 23, 2010

Mike Lynch Cartoon in May 2010 Reader's Digest

"A show of hands: Either we go with Mr. Kelly's restructuring plan
or this little fellow and his 'pot o' gold.'"

Above is the cartoon of mine that's in the new issue of Reader's Digest (look for Michael J. Fox on the cover). You can see the cartoon at the RD site here.

Below is the rough; the version I sent to the magazine that was approved. I redrew it to help make the leprechaun more ... uh ... "leprechaunish." Of course, coloring his suit green helped!

I like how the 2 people sitting around the table do not look impressed by either Mr. Kelly or the little fellow.

In the final redraw, for those who care, I eliminated one of the pieces of paper on the table and drew one extra cup.

I was asked yesterday if clients tell me what to draw. In the case of the the Digest, the editor will just remind the contributors what he is looking for. Usually, it's related to holidays, family events and trends. Cartoons are usually drawn 60-90 days in advance of publication.



Mike, I have 2 being held by Norm
since. Feb. 2,2010. When was yours held? Thanks, Don

Bob Buethe said...

I have no desire to sign up for Twitter, but I see on your sidebar that there's some confusion over this WSJ cartoon:

The execution could've been better, but I get the idea. Big lips and eyes are the beauty fad of the moment. So the fish decided there's no point in trying to evolve into a higher life form, since fish already have big lips and eyes.

I know, I know -- if it needs explaining, it's not worth explaining. But I got a smirk from it.


The WSJ cartoon: Looks like a mermaid that had botox done.

Dan Reynolds said...

I don't know what Don is talking about. I must have missed something.

Nice cartoon, Mike.

Richard Blanco said...

Very nice... I am sure it will make the next "The Best of Reader's Digest Cartoons"
Be good, Mike.

Mark Anderson said...

Hey, congrats on the sale! WOO!

Anonymous said...

That's another good one, Mike! Congrats on the sale. Hope to run into you at MECAF.

Mike Lynch said...

Hi Don - I don't recall when my cartoon was held. My advice: contact the editor.

Hi Bob - Thanks for the explanation.

Hi Dan - Always good to get words of praise from a colleague (who also has a cartoon in that issue).

Hi Richard - Thanks for the kind words.

Hi Mark - "Woo!" is right. RD is still buying, but not as much as it used to.

Hi Barry - Yes, see you at MECAF 2010!

Gregory Kogan said...

Congrats Mike! I noticed it earlier today when looking through

Don, my last batch has been held since February also, and I just received a final response, almost three months later. However, I've also had times when I heard the answer within days or weeks. As Mike suggested, your best bet would be to email the editor and ask.