Friday, April 02, 2010

Ed Emshwiller: GALAXY Magazine October 1952

Illustrator and filmmaker Ed Emshwiller paints 23 science fiction luminaries (plus one alien) on the cover of this 1952 issue of GALAXY Magazine at the great Potrzebie blog by Bhob Stewart. The above small sample shows: Fritz Leiber, Robert Heinlein, Evelyn Paige, Cyril Kornbluth and Willy Ley. This is part of a wraparound cover for Galaxy's second anniversary. Click through the link above to see the robot coming through the door with a large "2nd Birthday" cake. The cover article (sadly, not reproduced -- EDIT: This is wrong. Bhob has posted it! Mea culpa!) is titled "The World of October 2052" by Willy Ley.

Footnote: Ed Emshwiller asked a then-13 year old neighbor of his named Bill Griffith (who would grow up to be the cartoonist behind ZIPPY THE PINHEAD) to pose for the September 1957 cover of THE ORIGINAL SCIENCE FICTION STORIES.

Bhob Stewart has more on Emshwiller here.


Bhob said...

Mike: You're too fast! Okay, Ley's article "The World of 2052" is now at Potrzebie in the same post. It's an interesting look back at his look ahead. Would Ley have bought an iPad?

Ms. Cairo said...

Heh heh. I just checked out the link and saw that the article was there. As a fan of Willy Ley I'm doubly pleased. Thanks Mike for bringing this to my attention and Bhob for posting this to begin with!

Mike Lynch said...

Thanks, Bhob. May the Great Bird of the Galaxy bless your planet, etc!

Thanks, Ms. Cairo, for those kind words -- but I just pointed the way; Bhob did all the heavy lifting.