Thursday, April 22, 2010

Video: Klingon Chancellor Gowron Shouting

From io9:

"Apparently, there was a Star Trek interactive board game that had Klingon Chancellor Gowron shouting at you to make your next move. But if you looped all of his shoutings together..."

YOU! LOOK AT ME! from Everything Is Terrible! on Vimeo.

Klingon Chancellor Gowron is played by actor Robert O'Reilly .

Big hat tip to my inky pal Mark Anderson!


Anne Hambrock said...

I laughed so hard!

As a fan from all the way back to childhood (original show) I have been intrigued to watch the evolution of Klingon make up. Especially the addition of the horseshoe crab ridges on the forehead. Gowron seems to have several more here than he did in the series. Perhaps as Klingons age they get more ridges and ripples? :-)

Brian Fies said...

I always loved that character and actor. Very funny! But man . . . looking at those clips spliced together like that, all I see is Mr. O'Reilly doing his best at a crummy job in hot make-up through a VERY long day.

Mark Anderson said...

What the hell is he saying at the very end there? "Experience beesh?!"

Unknown said...

From what I have heard, "beesh" (or however it's spelled) was a form of shameful punishment akin to a spanking.