Monday, April 12, 2010

Mike Lynch Cartoon Class Media Coverage

We had a wonderful cartoon class in nearby New Durham, NH. We drew a lot. We had a nice graduation.

And we also had some media coverage. Here's a round up, and then a big thank you.

I'm thankful to the Rochester Times. Editor John Nolan personally came by to take the above photo of three of the hard working student cartoonists. Below is the photo from this week's edition:

Nationally-known cartoonist Mike Lynch's six-week cartoon class, just winding up at the New Durham Library, has proved popular, with a full class signed up. Here, from left, are Anna Lise Cataldo, Marc Cataldo and Bradley Barbarisi get inspiration from Lynch, who draws the first panel of a strip on the blackboard, and asks the class to create what happens next.

Also, a big thank you to The Baysider ...

... which ran the below photo of more students, hard at work, cartooning, in its April 1st edition:

Students follow along at the six-week cartooning class offered at the New Durham Public Library. The class was taught by area cartoonist Mike Lynch, who featured some of the students' work on his blog at
I would like to add my thanks to the Friends of the New Durham Library for their support of the cartoon classes. Another big thank you goes to the staff at the New Durham Public Library, whose letter below appears in the same issue of The Baysider.

I'll be starting up new classes in Maine next month, and in NY this summer.

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Brian Fies said...

Congrats on the coverage, Mike. Nice job with the kids! Sounds like fun.