Tuesday, April 20, 2010

CRAWFORD by Chuck Jones

Did you know that Chuck Jones had a short lived (under a year) newspaper comic strip titled CRAWFORD? I didn't!

Kurtis Findlay DOES know about CRAWFORD. Please go to the Stripper's Guide to cast your vote for a real-book collection of this unseen Jones work of cartoon art. CRAWFORD is about two boys who examine the life of being a kid.

Mr. Findlay adds:
I am seeking a publisher that would share my vision of collecting the entire run of the strip in a hardcover format, like many of the reprint anthologies that have come out recently.

In order to gain the publisher's interest, I am attempting to gauge the interest of the general public. Would you be interested in a complete collection of Chuck Jones' Crawford?

... Also, if any of you comic strip researchers have any material that I can use in my book, please send me an email at kurtis@coveringthemouse.com.

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