Friday, June 01, 2007

1979 STAR TREK Interviews

Just to cleanse the all-cartoonist photo palate this week, here's a video from WJKW Channel 8's PM Magazine, which means, since I was living on the East Side of Cleveland then, I probably saw this when it aired.

I have not sen this before. It's not in the bells-and-whistles edition of the STTMP DVD. Funny to remember that this was back when it was just one 1960s TV show and its fans keeping the idea alive. I remember being alternately excited about this and fearing it would be bad. The idea of a major motion picture being based on an old, canceled TV show was, back then, pretty controversial. Would people go and see it? Nowadays, there's probably a movie treatment based on Shatner's Promise Margarine commercials!

I dug host Jim Finnerty's fro!


Brian Fies said...

Great memories. Man, I remember how excited we were when the first footage of TMP started coming out. I was in college and the campus showed bargain movies for students in a large lecture hall. They got hold of the first trailer for the TMP and showed it over and over for a bunch of us who couldn't get enough. New Enterprise, new uniforms, new Klingons... these days it'd be all over the Internet a year in advance, but in the Dark Ages we scrounged for every scrap we could get.

Thanks also for the Reubens coverage, very fun. Looks and sounds like you had a great time.

Mark Anderson said...

Oh man... that's a hoot!

What do you say you and me start our own 1970's PM magazine? I'll get a fro if you will!