Friday, June 29, 2007

Howie Schneider, Rest in Peace

Very sad news. Cartoonist Howie Schneider, best known for his comic strip "Eek & Meek," died yesterday after complications from heart surgery.

The Provincetown Banner, where he had been working as an editorial cartoonist, has a feature story.

Hat tip to Journalista.


Mark Anderson said...

Is it me, or is the cartooning world getting sadder all the time... Again, sigh...

Stacy Curtis said...

I grew up on "Eek and Meek." It was one of the comic strips our local paper carried.

I have been enjoying Howie's children's books, I would love to see his editorial cartoons for The Banner.

This really saddens me.

The Mushroom said...

I was browsing around looking up "Eek & Meek", which I remember from the 1970's and hadn't seen in thirty years. All the other articles were about how the strip ended after a 35 year run, but this one said something I'd want to know even more.

Howie, I hardly knew ye but we did meet after the mice became men.