Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Blogging: Yoe, Strippers & Roo

Some Friday blog entries to check out:

Craig Yoe, at his ever amazing and titillating Arflovers blog, gives us reprints from a McNaught Syndicate Pirate strip.

And Craig directs us to the Stripper's Guide blog that, today, has a fun feature on Jimmy Swinnerton. And keep scrolling down for more of Swinnerton.

Thanks to Craig Yoe and Allan Holtz for shining their lights on these.

Oh, and since Fridays are traditionally the Day You Put Your Cat on Your Blog, here is our kitty Rufus (Roo for short) saying hey.

He's a rescue cat. He was found abandoned in Red Hook. Near feral when we got him. After years of pats and being told how handsome he is, he's become a big, sweet lover.

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