Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Some 1960s Comics

A PDF comic smorgasboard from the Recordbrother Web site:

First, here's Li'l Abner's floating head letting you know that Civil Defense is something you kids should know about. What does Li'l Abner really have to do with Civil Defense? Well he doesn't know. He doesn't even appear in the comic after the cover appearance. Go figure!

Next up, a couple of issues of CARtoons magazine. There's the February 1966 issue, with work by Alex Toth (above), and the March 1964 issue, with work by Bob Tupper (below). Enjoy!

And don't miss FREAK OUT magazine too!

Although some of these blog listings are from 2005, they were new to me.


Brian Fies said...

Mike, With this post you have done me a tremendous service whose importance may become evident sometime in mid-2009. I owe you one.

Mike Lynch said...

Brian, please do not tell me that your next graphic novel stars the floating, dismembered head of Li'l Abner!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Fies said...

Well, maybe not *Li'l Abner*....