Thursday, June 14, 2007

Paul Hornschemeier's The Three Paradoxes

Paul Hornschemeier's The Three Paradoxes, a graphic novel memoir "that explores the friction between life and art by alternating realism and flights of comic-book fancy," is out in bookstores this week. New York magazine has a preview of this Fantagraphics hardcover here, with a promise of more to come. I know little about it, but this spot-on parody of a Dell comic cover caught my eye (above -- marvel at the crumbling edges of the old comic -- all faked! Cool!), and I like the way he handles dialogue.

And he'll be at my Brooklyn neighborhood comic book store, Rocketship, on June 22nd.

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Mark Anderson said...

Oh God, that cover is so nice!

Sigh... I'm a fraud...