Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cartoon Reprint Books

There was a time when you just couldn't get a lot of old comics. Now there's a wonderful glut. Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus Volume 1 hits the stores this week. And there are so many other reprints out there -- comic book, comic strip and son on -- begging for the ol' wallet.

I was checking out Checker Book Publishing Group's Web site. Just an amazing array of reprints:

Steve Canyon

Dr. Seuss: Early Works

Winsor McCay: Early Works (now up to 8 volumes in print!)

Winsor McCay's Little Nemo

Flash Gordon

Growing Old with B.C.

Gold Key Comics STAR TREK comic book collection

From NBM:

FOREVER NUTS: Classic Screwball Strips, The Early Years of MUTT & JEFF by Bud Fisher

Fantagraphics is putting out so many: POPEYE, PEANUTS, POGO, KRAZY & IGNATZ, DENNIS THE MENACE (as well as the upcoming WHERE'S DENNIS?, a collection of Ketcham's gag cartoons).

IDW reprints DICK TRACY, and, beginning in the fall, THE COMPLETE TERRY AND THE PIRATES.

An Ulrich Merkl has produced a fancy, gorgeous hardcover collection of McCay's DREAMS OF THE RAREBIT FIEND.

Peter Maresca is working on a companion volume to his oversize LITTLE NEMO IN SLUMBERLAND: SO MANY SPLENDID SUNDAYS!

And there will be a third Gasoline Alley dailies collection WALT & SKEEZIX BOOK THREE, and there will be a collection of ALLEY Sundays at the end of summer.

I'm not even mentioning all of the Will Eisner reprints, as well as the DC and Marvel books reprinting their titles in various formats. And there's probably more goodies that I didn't mention. Wish I could buy them all!

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