Monday, June 11, 2007


Pretentious non-ending. Alessandra Stanley of the NY Times may have thought the ending was "perfectly imperfect," but it was a gyp; a non-ending.

I cancelled my HBO.


Mark Anderson said...

I never watched even a minute of the show, so as an outsider I gotta say, I like the idea of a non-ending.

Don't whack me!

Brian Fies said...

I'm in Mark's shoes. I don't get HBO and never saw an episode, but of course I knew the characters and themes just by absorbing them from the culture. After seeing the final few minutes on YouTube, I thought the end was great. Either it's a glimpse into Tony Soprano's mindset in which he's assessing every seemingly innocent person and setting as if it could be the last moment of his life, or the seemingly innocent people and settings WERE the last moment of his life. He was either too paranoid or not paranoid enough. Hardly matters; in Tony's world, every moment COULD be his last and if it wasn't this one it'll be another.

Nevertheless... I understand the frustration and disappointment of watching a program for years and feeling let down by creators who in the end didn't keep their implied promises. That was Deep Space 9 for me. Sorry the Sopranos didn't work for you.

Trade Loeffler said...

Weren't you cancelling HBO anyway?

I've only seen the first couple of seasons of the Soprano's myself, but I read the article in the Times, and another one on Salon, I think. It was interesting reading the different takes on how the series ended but I don't wonder if after living with those characters for so long, the writer just couldn't bring himself to kill Tony off.

Rob Tornoe said...

I have to agree with you on this one Mike. Like I said on my blog, I'm a fan of movies that end anti-climatically, but cutting in the middle of the scene to end the series was just ridiculous.

I'm also not surprised that in an interview for the Star-Ledger today, Chase mentioned that he would be open to a Sopranos movie if the right idea came along. Add to that the fact there will be alternate endings on the newest DVD set, and we have the silver-screen's version of George Lucas.

It might have been better if the Soprano family was just a thought inside the mind of an autistic 4-year-old.

Unknown said...

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