Saturday, June 09, 2007

Roger Armstrong, Rest in Peace

Above: comics historian R.C. Harvey and Roger Armstrong at the 2005 Reubens

Cartoonist Roger Armstrong passed away Thursday at the age of 89.

Mr. Armstrong was known for his work for Walt Disney, as well as handling the Warner Brothers and Hanna Barbera properties for the Dell/Gold Key comic book titles. Additionally, he produced newspaper comics such as NAPOLEON AND UNCLE ELBY, BUGS BUNNY and LITTLE LULU. He was also a wonderful painter and teacher. At his site, you can view some of his watercolors.

Mark Evanier has a through and sweet obituary.

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Dave James said...

I owe a LOT of what I know about cartooning to Roger! He taught cartooning at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, CA during the 1980's.

Two silly things that always stick in my mind while drawing cartoons:

1. Those sweat marks that cartoon characters display while under stress?...Roger told our class that those little droplets are called, "SPRITZ"!

2. He told us at the beginning of class to make sure we purchased a KA-NEEDED eraser? We looked at him puzzled. He said, "You know, those soft stretchy erasers!" Apparently, each semester, there was always a kid who looked at the supply list and asked, "Sir, what is a KA-NEEDED eraser?"

To this day I draw SPRITZ with a smile and use my KA-NEEDED eraser with a grin!

Dave James