Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mark Anderson!

Happy (belated) Birthday to my pal and fellow ink slinger Mark Anderson. A toast to your good health and many happy returns.

In honor of your 36 years on the planet, I traveled to the future and, of course, saw that the whole Andertoons cartoon machine is quite successful, churning out your work to happy readers on a regular basis. I picked up some of those great future cartoon books that you'll be known for. Here are the first 36 titles:

You're a Good Man, Mark Anderson

It's the Easter Beagle, Mark Anderson!

Slide, Mark Anderson, Slide!

The Hills Are Alive with Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson: Boy Genius

Yours Truly, Mark Anderson

You’ve Come a Long Way, Mark Anderson

You’re Gettin’ Funky Now, Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson Strikes Back

Mark Anderson Drops 13 Stories

What You Say, Mark Anderson?

Walk Don’t Run, Mark Anderson

Yuk It Up, Mark Anderson

The Lion, the Witch and the Mark Anderson

So It’s Come to This, Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson in Paradise

The Mark Anderson Reader

The Unsinkable Mark Anderson

The Education of M*A*R*K A*N*D*E*R*S*O*N

You So Funny: The Life of Mark Anderson

Get a Grip, Mark Anderson

I Go Mark

Et tu, Mark?

This Will Behoove You, Mark Anderson

The World According to Mark Anderson

I Owe Russia $1200 by Mark Anderson

Happiness is a Warm Mark Anderson

Laff Along with Mark Anderson

You’ve Eaten It, Mark Anderson

Lust for Life or The Mark Anderson Story

Tally Ho, Mr. Anderson!

Still Drawing After All These Years

The Lighter Side of the Generation Gap by Mark Anderson

You're Pimped Out, Mark Anderson

Don’t Tease the Ocelot, Mark Anderson!

Charles Nelson Reilly: The Unauthorized Biography by Mark Anderson

Wow! What an amazing future cartoonist you will be! Just wait til next year when I time travel again and get your son's tell all autiobio!

So, Mark, ol' buddy, ol' pal, please send a slice of cake & some ice cream to Mike Lynch, c/o General Delivery, Brooklyn, NY. Thank you, thank you!


Mark Anderson said...

Wow! I just can't say thank you enough!

his had Margie and I giggling like, well, giggling fools!

Had I access to some dry ice and styrofoam, cake would already be on its way!

Thanks again my friend! This will be a great addition to the Andertoons museum!

Kyle Miller said...

Those are some great titles! I wonder how long it will take before I can read them at the library.