Sunday, June 17, 2007

Winning and Losing in the Magazine Cartoon Game

I made a sale before the start of the business day on Friday. It was something like 7am and I got an "OKAY" via email.

Ahh. Life in the Internet age.

A UK editor emailed me, asking for a color cartoon for their magazine. She probably sent it just before she left for lunch her time. Before 9am EST, I'd colored the cartoon and invoiced the client. A Canadian client emailed me in the meantime, agreeing to a price on a cartoon. Then I had a prearranged phone meeting with another potential client (American).

By 10am, we hit the road for the weekend. And, all ready, I had 2 sales and a new meeting about some potential business next week.

And so, there I am, driving along the Hutch, and my wife is keeping on top of the email and voicemail by checking it on our cells.

We got back Sunday, and I had a couple envelopes waiting for me: one from WSJ (no buys) & another from Playboy (ditto).

So, don't go thinking that every day I'm making money and finding clients. A couple steps forward, a couple back.

Today (Monday), I'll send some fresh cartoons to WSJ & Playboy. I always try to send a fresh batch ASAP. Persist! Persist!

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