Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bunny Bash 2007

To paraphrase Ratty, there is nothing- absolutely nothing- half so much worth doing as simply messing about with cartoonists.

Bunny Hoest, Chari Pere

It's the last Thursday in June, and that means that it's time for the Bunny Hoest party, or, as it's better known, the Bunny Bash -- which may sound violent, but it's actually very nice. And here are some photos to prove it.

Three masters: John Reiner, Frank Springer, Stan Goldberg

This is the 27th annual Bunny Bash. It all started when Bill Hoest wanted to show some some of his cartoonist colleagues the house he was building. About a dozen cartoonists showed up for sandwiches and a tour of the then-unfinished home on the Long Island shore.

Roger Penwill and Mike Lynch.

Roger came from England for the Bash. He's the Vice President general of FECO (the FEderation of Cartoonists' Organisations), an international cartooning advocacy group.

Steve Duquette listens to V.G. Myers

The bash has grown, from an informal get together to, well, a much bigger informal get together. Bunny draws cartoonists from NJ, NYC, LI & CT. Next to the annual Reubens convention, the Bash is the biggest event, drawing 75-150 cartoonists and their friends and families.

Chari Pere, who graduated SVA last month, shows her portfolio to Mort Drucker

Didn't I just see you guys at the MoCCA Fest? Derek Mainhart and Ali Solomon

Trade Loeffler watches his son drive his Hot Wheels cars over the tables and chairs

Helen Murdock-Prep, Janine Manheim, Joe Vissichelli

Heather Steckley pushes hubby Ed Steckley's buttons.

Optimist Chari Pere takes a photo with Sam Viviano who sports a pessimistic look that this won't turn out well.

One third of SIX CHIX and one half of MARY WORTH: Rina Piccolo, Anne Gibbons, Karen Moy

Photo session over, they return to their animated conversations.

Trying to look smart: Mike Lynch, Brendan Burford

Feggo draws
Sam Gross and Frank Springer

Gerry Mooney, John Reiner

Joe Vissichelli takes a group shot photo. This is Joe from the group's point of view.

Ever dapper Stan Goldberg

Happy birthday to bunny's husband, "Docky" Carpenter

Roger Penwill, Evan Forsch, Feggo

Arnie Levin, Anne Gibbons

Rina Piccolo, John Reiner

Lorraine and Bill Kresse

Look for a big write up on Bill in the August 2007 issue of Hogan's Alley.

Two guys from The Boot: Sam Viviano, Al Scaduto

The impending thunderstorms stayed away until the Bash was almost over. Thanks to Bunny for her hospitality. Another great time!!!!


Mark Anderson said...

You always get some great pics! Wow, wish I coulda been there...

Brian Fies said...

Great pictures. My envy is tempered only by knowing that you appreciate the opportunity to hobnob with folks like that as much as I would.

And I'm changing my name to "Fieso." Because it's cooler.

Unknown said...

Pretty slick slipping the news that Anne Gibbons has replaced Carla Ventresca as one of the Six Chix starting June 28th in that posting.

Anonymous said...

More pics here!

Anonymous said...

More pics here!

Joe Vissichelli said...

Thanks for helping me realize what a boring little flyspeck I look like to the group while taking their picture. No wonder they don't care to look my way much. Next year I'll wear a big polka-dotted bowtie – for respect.