Monday, June 25, 2007


On Sunday morning, my neighbor and great cartoonist Trade Loeffler and I boarded the F train to the MoCCA Fest.

The show was on the first floor and the 7th floor. Here's a shot of the 7th floor, with its big windows. The whole show felt just as big as previous years, but less crowded since there was more square footage.

Over the weekend, there were continuous talks over at the Museum itself. Here's a close up of Craig Yoe (with a McCay editorial cartoon behind him) giving a Sunday afternoon presentation.

Mike Lynch, Joe Staton

Joe's a veteran comic book artist. He and Nick Cuti created a comic book character called E-MAN in the 1970s for Charlton Comics. Charlton was one of the smallest comic book companies around, and E-MAN ran for a scant 10 issues, leaving the comic book spinner rack 2 years after its 1973 debut. Regardless, the character is fondly remembered and resurfaced over the decades from other comic book companies, pretty much all the time with Joe & Nick at the helm. Joe mentioned that there is going to be a big reprint project.

Doug Bratton strikes a Lou Ferrigno pose at his table.

My friends Ali Solomon and Derek Mainhart show us their pearlies.

This is what you see at a typical MoCCA seller's table: comics for sale, an art pen and then a sketchbook full of doodling (in this case, it's Ali's). And right across the way was the NBM/Papercutz table where I snagged a freshly printed copy of FOREVER NUTS CLASSIC SCREWBALL STRIPS: THE EARLY YEARS OF MUTT & JEFF by Bud Fisher.

A couple of cool business cards. Godfrey Chan boldly shows us his elementary school photo on his card. Joda Thayer, Godfrey's MoCCA Fest table-mate, opts for the more trad approach.

People came from all over. Here's Toronto couple Tyrone McCarthy and Alana Machnicki. Their table held, on one side, her illustrations/prints, and, on the other, his Corduroy High School comics. I got one from each so there would be no squabbling between these fine young kids.

Not every artist paid for a table in the Puck building. This fellow set up on Houston Street, on the block between the subway and the MoCCA Fest.

Some of my swag.

And here's Marek Bennett's t-shirt. Well, ha ha, not HIS per se -- a shirt that I bought from him.

What a nice sentiment, Marek!

Some more MoCCA 2007 photos at these sites:

UPDATE: Tom Spurgeon over at Comics Reporter has the motherload of all photo links here.


Mark Anderson said...

That looks like fun! And a lot more interesting than my typical Wednesday trek to the comics store for more World War Hulk.

BTW, I recently picked up another graphic novel and some manga. After digesting and assimilating it all I will be unstoppable! MOO-HA-HA!

OK, gonna go coffee...

AlanaMcCarthy said...

Hi Mike,
Great meeting you on the weekend. We're back in Toronto. Only had time to peek into the Overlook to see the wall of drawing, pretty cool stuff. Thanks for your tips and kind words.
- Alana