Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mike Lynch Cartoon in This Week's Chronicle of Higher Education

Hey, I have a cartoon in this week's Chronicle of Higher Education.

I remember doodling a rough version of this cartoon in my sketchbook, and then I left it there for a month or two. I really didn't think it was sell-able.

People like conspicuous consumption, and for all I know this type of product is all ready on the market. Besides, "artisanal," is not a funny word. It's not even a word people use in everyday conversation. OK, maybe in some affected neighborhoods in NYC, but not in the normal world.

To paraphrase a Buster Keaton title card, "every family tree has its sap" and I am he. I didn't know it would sell. You would think I would have a sense of these things by now, but no.

So, I was having some tea with cartoonist Isabella Bannerman, and she saw the sketch, and liked it. Since she's (a) syndicated and (b) served me tremendous pastries, I admired her judgment. And so, I drew it up and had the thing make the rounds.

The cartoon was turned down by a half dozen markets since November 2006. The Chronicle, the seventh market, bought it in April.

Someone (I think it was Dad. Hi Dad!) suggested an improvement: change it from "Meet the Cow" to "Meet YOUR Cow." I concur.

I remember chatting with Sam Gross last year, and someone asked if he knew what would sell. He said an epithet and then said no, hope, never, no way.

All we can do is pitch the work and see if an editor will catch it.


Mark Anderson said...

I have to admit, this one took me just a sec. For some reason I kept filling in missing child subtext into it. You know, those pics they put on milk cartons?

Anyway, nice one, and good to see an editor knocking one out of the park!

richardcthompson said...

"Artisanal Milk" cracked me up. There's a serious-foodie type restaurant around here whose menu gives you the full provenance of everything listed; who, what, when, where. It's a little disconcerting to eat food with a biography.