Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Advice for Tourists in NYC Today

This is off topic. I'm going to talk about the bailout of AIG, how we're all unwilling "shareholders," and public bathrooms in New York City.

As you know the big man of AIG, Edward Liddy (photo), will appear before a House Financial Services Subcommittee in Washington, DC this morning. He will be asked about the $165 million in bonuses for his people and congressmen are expected to ask how AIG spent the $150 billion in bail out money.

And we all also know that Manhattan has no public toilets, which is a bummer.

But wait! No more! Not for American taxpayers!

If you have to go to the bathroom in NYC, just go to the AIG office (it's at 70 Pine Street, New York, NY 10270 Phone: 212-770-7000). Walk up to the security desk and politely identify yourself as a major shareholder. For proof, show them your passport, driver's license or state ID. Don't settle for an ordinary restroom. Ask for one of the nice ones in the offices of those people who got all those millions of our dollars.

Same goes for Citibank and all those other companies that we are "shareholders" in.

Now you can pee all over the city.

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Kevin Spear said...

Suddenly, I want to change my spring break plans to a NYC trip. Thanks for the smile this morning.

Mark Anderson said...

Hee-hee! This sounds like so much fun!

Then if they don't let you in, say "urine big trouble, pal! Get it? Urine? Ha-ha! Seriously, let me in."