Friday, March 06, 2009

Dave Astor at HuffPo

Last year, I saw news stories ripped from Editor & Publisher's site and placed on The Daily Cartoonist site.

This year, it's reversed; stories are ripped from Daily Cartoonist's site and placed on The E&P site.

It's not the same. What's missing is the knowledgeable voice and insight of E&P's Dave Astor.

When Senior Editor Dave Astor was let go from E&P after 26 years, everyone was surprised. I'm not the only one who misses his commentary on the syndicated comics world. The guy knew EVERYONE in the syndication biz, and pretty much all the pro cartoonists know him.

I'm glad to see Dave is writing a column for The Huffington Post. This week's column isn't about syndication, but he offers up a great idea in his article titled Layoffs for Leaders.

Thanks to Dave for the heads up on this!

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Mark Anderson said...

Hey Dave! Way to go! Woo-woo!